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Our professional real estate photography is your business card. We’re not satisfied until you are!

Without exceptions you will receive from us …

Well exposed

Well exposed HD images even in difficult lighting conditions. We shoot our images without using a flash



A very clear overview of your rooms and your building and / or your business with strategic points of view




Through the use of a wide-angle lens we take pictures that enable us to show your rooms spacious and bright




We are always there at the agreed time and we take all the time necessary to provide you with stunning photos of your property


To ensure the quality of our photos, we process them on site. If we are not completely satisfied, the photo will be taken again!


Your photos will be available within 24 hours for you and / or your brokers. You can download them by link which will be sent by email

professionally equipped

hd real estate photography, well exposed and from a strategic point of view

Your dream

Our objective

Real estate sold quicker thanks to the superb HD photos

A professional report of your project or trade

hd real estate photography at height, well exposed and from a strategic point of view


Our real estate photography is not only your business card, it’s also ours! Whether it’s for brokers, businesses or individuals.

That’s why we invest in the latest professional equipment and innovative techniques and we don’t complain when a photo shoot more time than planned.

All Nièvre Region

We are located in the Bazois region (Nièvre 58) and we are available to all brokers, entrepreneurs, individuals in a radius of about 90 km *.
This implies we shoot real estate photography between the cities of Auxerre – Moulins and Beaune – Bourges.

* Please request displacement costs

Boost your projects and sales

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Our prices depend on your needs:

  • How many photos do you need?
  • What type of photos do you need?
  • Do you need aerial photos and / or HD photos?
  • What do we have to do in order to enable us to take the pictures you need?
  • Where you are located?
  • Is your house tidy enough?
  • Do we need to move around with furniture or any other items?

Please download and read our checklist to find out what you can do to speed up the photo shoot, to find out all about our workflow and to enable us to provide you with the stunning images you are hoping for.

Please be aware of the fact that a typical photo shoot takes about two to three hours on location to complete. Afterwards the images taken will be processed at our office and sent to you by download link in an email.

Please contact us so we can make an inventory of your project and we can send you a citation

A small investment …

When selling your house through a professional broker, you should better have your photo report made by a professional real estate photographer



The hosting of our real estate photography is completely free *!

Your photo report can be reached via a link and a QR code

QR Code


* when selling your property for a maximum of 1 year


hd real estate photography, well exposed and from a strategic point of view

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a full photo shoot take?
To achieve a professional presentation of your property, we prefer to take the time we need. A shoot will take a few hours depending on the number of rooms.
To ensure the quality we process our photos on site. If a photo doesn’t meet our standards it will be taken again!

Please allow 5 – 10 minutes per photo, the set-up of our equipment and the verification of photos not included.

How many photos do you take per room?
To achieve the perfect presentation of your house or business, we take several photos per room.
All depends on the size and function of the rooms.

  • living room | workshop: 2 – 3 photos
  • room | kitchen: 1 – 2 pictures
  • shower room | bathroom: 1 – 2 photos
  • entrance | corridor | veranda | garage: 1 – 2 pictures
  • outdoors: 2 – 4 photos
  • garden | terrace: 2 – 4 photos
Can you shoot in low light?
The equipment and techniques used enables us to take well-exposed photos, even in difficult lighting conditions. Wedon’t use flashlights.
We certainly do need good weather conditions to take the outdoor photos.

In the event of bad weather conditions, we can return to shoot the outside photos at a later time, as far as the travel distance permits.

What can I do myself to achieve the best possible result?
In general, the most beautiful photos are taken in a tidy and clean house. Make sure all lights are working properly and fix the broken ones!

Remove toys, all your personal items (toothbrushes, shampoo, keys, laptop), newspapers and magazines.

What is meant by pictures taken at a maximum height of 6 m?
For our real estate photography we use a telescopic monopod which anables us to take photographs up to a maximum height of 10 meters. The use of this monopod is bound to weather conditions. Especially in strong winds, the maximum height will be limited.

The presence of power lines (electrocution hazard) and the privacy of your neighbors are of great importance.
Usually, a height of 6 meters can be reached in most circumstances.

Can you also take aerial shots such as photos and videos?
We can hire a partner at a reasonable fee at any time to take aerial photographs and videos by means of a drone.

You have to take into account that there are rules to the use of a drone and in certain regions it’s not allowed to fly at all, which may also apply to certified pilots. In addition, the privacy of neighbors must be taken into account.

Can I indicate which spaces or objects I would like to have photographed?
Your photographer always takes your preferences into account.
Please take in account these photos should be of any value in your presentation.
Are the images suitable for publicity purposes?
We supply the images intended for use on the internet. ou can use them in a photo gallery, for a presentation on a broker’s website or on social media.

If you need the images at higher resolution, eg. for use in folders or other printed matter, please feel free to ask and you will receive them free of charge.

All photos are your property. You can therefore decide for yourself how to publish them. If your house is for sale on multiple brokers websites or Le Bon Coin, you can use the photos for that purpose.
Do you advertise via Le Bon Coin where the number of images might be limited, we can host your photos for free for a year. They can be accessed via a link you can place in an advertisement and also via a QR code which also can be place in an advertisement or as a print at the entrance of your property to enable passersby have direct access to the report via their mobile phone.

Do I have to decide what photo package to buy when making an appointment?
When making an appointment, an estimate is made of the size of the report based on the information you provide. We can give you an estimation of the number of photos and which photo package will meet your needs..

On site your package can always be adjusted, even during the shoot. If you need additional photos on a chosen package, an appropriate fee can be agreed.

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